Level Your World of Warcraft Character With Ease!

New and experienced players alike can learn how to master the exciting and amazing World of Warcraft!

By now, you have probably heard about the visually-stunning MMORPG World of Warcraft. Maybe you have seen your friends slaughtering Orcs or fighting together with others to defeat large bosses. Well now it is your turn to join the fun!

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Learn to master the exciting and amazing World of Warcraft!

Level Your World of Warcraft Character With Ease!

When I first heard about the game, my friends were already some of the best players around and, while I really wanted to play the game, I was hesitant to start because I had so much catching up to do. Well now, you too can reach the highest level with your character by following “Dugi’s Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide.”

Easy, in-game instruction!

By following the easy-to-use guide, you will learn to level, farm gold and defeat others in Player vs. Player mode (PvP) with in-game instruction. Dugi’s guide takes you through very important steps that will cut out significant leveling time.

Learn how to:

1) Level from 1 to 80 with STEP-BY-STEP instructions

2) Build a large bank with gold to get the BEST gear in the game

3) Dominate other players in PvP

This is the FASTEST way to level your World of Warcraft characters. Guides are available for both Alliance and Horde, so you can play no matter which side you choose!

Over 13,000 players have used Dugi’s guide to achieve the elite level 80 status. Now it’s your turn!

Level Your World of Warcraft Character With Ease!
“TNT” – A Minecraft Parody of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite – Crafted Using Note Blocks Video Clips. Duration : 4.60 Mins.

Please remember to rate/favorite 🙂 Download the song for free: http://www.mediafire.com TryHardNinja (Igor) – Vocals: http://www.youtube.com CaptainSparklez (Myself) – Visuals, instrumental, lyrics: http://www.youtube.com Doc Exx (Chris) – Audio mixing and production: http://www.youtube.com Dynamite (The song upon which this parody is based) http://www.youtube.com This video + song was exactly one month in the making (Both myself and Igor have other full time obligations), and required a substantial amount of time and effort to complete. If you enjoyed it, share it with someone else you think may enjoy it, too! Ratings and favorites are also extremely helpful in spreading the video around 🙂 Subscribe if you’re interested in more! Programs used: Sony Vegas Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop Blender Avid Pro Tools Lyrics: I came to dig dig dig dig I’ll build a city oh so big big big big just wait a sec, gotta kill this pig pig pig pig cook me some bacon and take a swig swig swig swig yeah, yeah there must be something I can craft to ease the burden of this task yeah I shoot my arrows in the air sometimes saying ay-oh, that creeper’s KO’d loot his remains and now his sulphur’s mine saying ay-oh, not today no and then I’ll go to work under the birch tree and I’ll make myself tons of TNT cause ill use these blocks I’ll build a big city and I’ll mine it all using TNT I came to blow blow blow blow up everything you’ve ever known known known known expel you out of house and home home home home biome to biome

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