Headsets For Gamers – Find Out the Newest Headset Technology For Gamers!

Showing your Smile to the Virtual World Real Time!

No Kidding! This is already possible. Check out the web and see for yourself- a new innovation on gamer headsets that allows them to interact to the virtual world- real time! How does that sound? You might be too ecstatic over this news now but the fun is not over yet. Let me give you a tour on how this incredibly designed headset works.

This new type of headset is considered a neuro-headset as it reads the movement of neurons in our brain then translates it into action or emotion through the user’s virtual character in the game. Imagine yourself laughing over winning the game and seeing your virtual character doing the same. Exciting, huh?

Tritton Ax Pro

Enhancing Your Online Experience!

What is more exciting about this is the fact that because you can already show your emotions through your characters, it makes the environment of the virtual world appears like it is for real! This makes the game even more enjoyable as you feel more engaged with what is happening within the game thus allowing you to experience ‘real adventures’.

Headsets For Gamers – Find Out the Newest Headset Technology For Gamers!

This kind of headset is actually not new- but for gamer headsets, it is. The use of this technology unbelievably dates back in 1970 with the earlier versions requiring a technician to install it and a gel on the user’s scalp. Today’s headset however offers more flexibility as it can detect emotions and sends it wirelessly for translation on the game character through a USB dongle plugged into the computer.

Can You Afford Them?

These type of gaming headset costs about 9, not that bad as it can translate over 30 emotions, actions and expressions for your game character to portray. Now your virtual character can already express your frustrations, excitement, tension and anger PLUS portray your facial expressions such as a smile, laugh and a wink.

However, if you are on a tight budget and would still want to feel the same thrill as this kind of headset can give, the headset market still has a wide variety of options for you. You can go ahead and opt to use the conventional gamer headsets. The conventional ones are as great as this one as they have also evolved from very simple headsets with relatively simple features into headsets with real cool designs that match your personality. Some would even have features that would allow you to curse your foes in the game without offending anyone (read: allow you to put them on mute). You also have the option to not be so nice though and be a little naughty because some headsets has noise-canceling microphones that lets you devastate your virtual enemy with your very antagonist laugh.

You can really never go wrong with gamer headsets these days because neuro-headset or not, all are capable of making you smile and showing your smile to the virtual world, real time!

Headsets For Gamers – Find Out the Newest Headset Technology For Gamers!
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