Choice of Xbox Headset Systems

Microsoft’s Xbox headset (that is, the 360 wired model) was designed to be a powerful tool for online communication and game play. Whether you want to chat and collaborate with your fellow gaming headset microphone makes these actions possible – not to mention easy and fun.

Among the most salient features of the Xbox headset:

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• Noise-canceling microphone that includes an adjustable boom. This has been designed to capture your voice with clarity and precision. This also is ideal for voice-command features of certain games – a growing gaming headset is lightweight, featuring a comfortable over-the-head design

• Comes with its own volume control and mute switch, making sound adjustment easy and convenient.

Choice of Xbox Headset Systems

Yes indeed, this Xbox headset lets you interact with the ever-growing number of video games that feature voice-commands even as you can engage in strategy sessions with your teammates via Xbox Live. The noise-canceling microphone remains close to your mouth thanks to its adjustability, meaning for you that your voice always is heard loud and clear. The sleek, lightweight, over-the-head design means for you that you’ll barely know you have it on once you get into a game, so you’ll have full communication powers with a “hands free” setting.

However, there are those users of the MS 360 wired Xbox headset who are less than impressed. So, if you’re one of them, or suspect that you may become one of them based upon past experiences, there are compatible Xbox headset alternatives.

One of these alternatives is the A40 Audio System headphone set. Featuring uncompressed game and voice sound, the A40 Audio System comes with the patent-pending external MixAmp, giving you 7.1 Dolby Surround mixed with voice audio. Will you pay considerably more for this than you will for the Microsoft headset? Of course you would! Here’s what you’re paying for:

• Fantastic sound quality. You’ll get utterly clear voice communication in addition to pinpoint-accurate 7.1 Dolby Surround. Know your enemies are coming and always know from which direction.

• Totally configurable style and comfort. This is an adjustable heads that includes a quick-disconnect cable, an in-line mute switch, a completely configurable microphone boom, and the company’s own patent-pending removable speaker tags. In fact, you can custom make your own tag via ASTRO’s Speaker Tag Customizer–but this is a separately sold tool.

• Multiple connectors. You get the MixAmp cable that you can also use with portable audio players, and you get a standard dual-jack PC connector that features both in-line volume and mute controls.

• Stereo sound and voices are right at your fingertips. The MixAmp’s discrete voice-and-games balance control lets you customize the settings to suit your needs.

• Dedicated voice channel. Yes, you can connect multiple MixAmps to enjoy a private, full duplex, hands-free experience with voice communication channel. Indeed, you’ll find yourself with superior quality to VoIP systems, and sans zero network or system lag.

• Customizable soundtrack. You can connect your mp3 player straight through the mixer itself if you’ve got a 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable. Now you’ll have more availability of valuable system resources even as you have your own music at your fingertips.

Yes, you can have your choice of Xbox headset systems these days. Again, just remember that you get what you pay for.

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Choice of Xbox Headset Systems
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