The Korg MS 10 Features

History In The Making

Created by Korg in 1978 as a simple monophonic analog synthesizer in its entry level, the Korg MS 10 has proved to be one of the most sought after single Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) devices. It is a classic, cool and yet exquisite analog synthesizer that has been widely known for its top notch percussive sounds and bass. The world has seen many people making different designs of this great invention but few have managed to produce the authentic sound and voice quality they so rightly demand.

The Unique Features And Functions

The Korg MS 10 is defined by its VCO. This is the source of all sound for the analog synthesizers. The basic tone color and the pitch are determined in the VCO.

The waveform is the other feature. The basic tone otherwise known as the timbre is further determined by the various waveforms that are incorporated in the analog synthesizer. Each waveform has its own uniquely defined characteristic sound and they include: the scale which is an octave selector. The pitch goes up when each halving number is displayed. The triangle wave has very few harmonics and possesses a very soft tone color. This waveform is excellent for vibes, flutes and other effects of this type. The sawtooth is one of the most useful and is applicable for brass, voice and string. The rectangle wave acts as a variable waveform which has different timbres. These timbres depend on the width of the top which is also called the pulse width. Lastly, there is the white noise which consists of equal amounts of unpitched frequencies. It is used in very many effects such as gunshots, gusts of winds, surf and percussion instrumentals.

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The Frequency Modulation Controls

These are the controls that allow other parts of the synthesizer to affect the pitch of the VCO for instance the pitch bends, the trills and vibrato. They include the frequency modulation by Modulation Generator (MG) and the frequency modulation by the Envelope Generator (EG). The MG varies the vibrato’s intensity while the EG varies the frequency on the VCO.

The Korg MS 10 Features

Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (VCF)

This outstanding feature alters the quality of the Korg MS 10 VCO in terms of tone. It removes and filters certain frequency and ignores others. It also through this feature, that the synthesizer is able to produce gigantic expressive powers.

Cut-Off Frequency Modulation Controls

These controls allow other parts of the synthesizer to alter the cut-off frequency that affects the VCO frequency modulation. This is done through the Cut-off modulation by the Modulation Generator and the cut-off frequency by the Envelope Generator.

The Korg MS 10 Features
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