Turtle Beach Wireless Review – Rating the Ear Force X11 Amplified Gaming Headset

In this article we are going to discuss both the good and the bad about the AXJlbGVzcy03LTEtZG9sYnktZGlnAXRhbC1zdXJyb3VuZC1zb3VuZC1nYW1pbmctaGVhZHNldC13AXRoLWJsdWV0b290aA==#” title=”Turtle Beach”>Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 wired Xbox360 gaming headset; and whether it will REALLY will make you a better player. When I got them home it only took me about 3 minutes to hook the X11 gaming headset to the Xbox 360 console;so that was a huge plus already.

The very first game I tried with my new headset was Gears of War…and MAN was I BLOWN AWAY! I felt like I was almost in the game fighting it was so intense!The explosions were as close to real as ever and I could actually HEAR the enemies as they came closer and closer! Next I tried Call of Duty 4 and it really is true,you can hear the enemies running past you as you hide. By this point I was very impressed with the sound quality, and they have been blocking out distractions and improving my gaming experience for the last several months now.

“gaming Headset”

The Ear Force X11 Headphones have an In-line amplifier providing better game audio,enabling stereo game sound while providing a clearer Xbox live chat experience. The bass boost truly adds a realism to the sound effects,and luckily adds separate controls for game and chat volumes. Also another great feature which Turtle Beach added was two sets of jacks are included; so not only can you use the X11 headset with PC games, we have used it quite nicely with Skype!

Turtle Beach Wireless Review – Rating the Ear Force X11 Amplified Gaming Headset

COMFORT LEVEL-9 I have enjoyed many nights of gaming till sunrise and never once has comfort been an issue.

SOUND-9 These are equivalent to my old Boston Acoustics speakers in sound quality only with far less price tag (about 0 less).

MICROPHONE-8 Far superior to the original Xbox360 microphone headset in durability and sound quality (not saying much there,though). Your teammates will love you for it!

DURABILITY-8 Honestly this is a VERY durable headset, but it WILL NOT withstand aggressive 3 year olds OVERALL RATING -9 All things considered, this headset is well worth the investment in this author’s opinion!

CONS: 1) CORD TWISTING-Not really a serious issue, but the cord does need to be unwound every now and then. Running the cord under a small rug helped me a lot also.

2) CHAT BUTTON- Probably my only real issue with this headset is the on/off talk button could be slightly larger

Turtle Beach Wireless Review – Rating the Ear Force X11 Amplified Gaming Headset
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